Package fontconfig

Font configuration and customization library

Fontconfig is designed to locate fonts within the
system and select them according to requirements specified by

General Commands (Section 1)
fc-cache scans the font directories on the system and builds font information cache files for applications using fontconfig for their font handling. If...
fc-cat reads the font information from cache files or related to font directories and emits it in ASCII form.
fc-list lists fonts and styles available on the system for applications using fontconfig. If any elements are specified, only those are printed. Otherwise...
fc-match matches pattern (empty pattern by default) using the normal fontconfig matching rules to find the best font available. If --sort is given, the sorted...
fc-pattern parses pattern (empty pattern by default) and shows the parsed result. If --config is given, config substitution is performed on the pattern before...
fc-query queries font-file(s) using the normal fontconfig rules and prints out font pattern for each face found. If --index is given, only one face of each file...
fc-scan scans file(s) recursively and prints out font pattern for each face found.
fc-validate validates font-file(s) if each fonts satisfies the language coverage according to the orthography files in fontconfig. If --index is given, only one...
File Formats (Section 5)
Fontconfig is a library designed to provide system-wide font configuration, customization and application access.