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Package fmt-ptrn

A simple template system


New is a template system, especially useful in conjunction with a
simple text editor such as vi. The user maintains templates which
may contain format strings. At run time, nf replaces the format
strings in a template with appropriate values to create a new file.

For example, given the following template:

//   FILE: %(FILE)
//   DATE: %(DATE)

// Copyright (C) 1999 %(FULLNAME) %(EMAIL)
// All rights reserved.

nf will create:

//   FILE: foo.cpp
// AUTHOR: W. Michael Petullo
//   DATE: 11 September 1999

// Copyright (C) 1999 W. Michael Petullo new@flyn.org
// All rights reserved.
on my computer.

The program understands plaintext or gziped template files.

The fmt-ptrn system also provides a shared library which allows a
programmer access to nf's functionality. The system was developed to
be light and fast. Its only external dependencies are the C library,
glib2 and zlib.

Version: 1.3.24

General Commands

nf A simple template system
np create a new project