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Package fmidi-tools

Command-line tools based on the fmidi library


Fmidi is a library to read and play back MIDI files. It supports both standard
MIDI files and RIFF MIDI files.

The functionality is exposed as a C programming interface, and it is
implemented with C++.

It is a simple library which is good for implementing a MIDI file player, or
any program taking MIDI files as inputs. In fact, a player with a terminal
interface is provided as an example.

The fmidi-tools package contains command-line tools based on the fmidi library.

Version: 0.1.1

General Commands

fmidi-convert fmidi-convert – convert to Standard Midi Files (SMF)
fmidi-grep fmidi-grep – search for pattern matches in one or more input files
fmidi-play fmidi-play – MIDI player with a terminal interface
fmidi-read fmidi-read – print a textual representation of a music file
fmidi-seq fmidi-seq – a MIDI sequencer