Package flumotion

Streaming Server based on GStreamer and Twisted

Flumotion is a LGPL streaming media server written in Python. It is distributed
and component-based: every step in the streaming process (production,
conversion, consumption) can be run inside a separate process on separate

Flumotion uses Twisted and GStreamer. Twisted enables the high-level
functionality, distributing components over the network. GStreamer, through the
Python bindings, enables the high-speed low-level functionality: actual media

Flumotion uses a central manager process to control the complete network; one
or more worker processes distributed over machines to run actual streaming
components; and one or more admin clients connecting to the manager to control

General Commands
Command Description
flumotion-admin streaming media server administration GUI
flumotion-manager streaming media server central management
flumotion-worker streaming media server worker