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Package FlightGear

The FlightGear Flight Simulator


The Flight Gear project is working to create a sophisticated flight
simulator framework for the development and pursuit of interesting
flight simulator ideas. We are developing a solid basic sim that can be
expanded and improved upon by anyone interested in contributing

Version: 2020.3.19

General Commands

GPSsmooth send NMEA-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
JSBSim standalone version of the JSBSim open source flight dynamics model
MIDGsmooth send MIDG-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
UGsmooth send UGear-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
fgcom VoIP client for the FlightGear radio infrastructure
fgelev Compute FlightGear scenery elevation for a given list of points
fgfs the FlightGear flight simulator
fgjs FlightGear joystick utility
fgpanel FlightGear Flight Simulator Panel Rendering Engine
fgviewer An alternative FlightGear viewer application
js_demo Joystick demo application for FlightGear
metar demo METAR utility for FlightGear

File Formats

fgfsrc FlightGear command-line options file