Package FlightGear

The FlightGear Flight Simulator

The Flight Gear project is working to create a sophisticated flight
simulator framework for the development and pursuit of interesting
flight simulator ideas. We are developing a solid basic sim that can be
expanded and improved upon by anyone interested in contributing

General Commands
Command Description
fgcom VoIP client for the FlightGear radio infrastructure
fgelev Compute FlightGear scenery elevation for a given list of points
fgfs the FlightGear flight simulator
fgjs FlightGear joystick utility
fgpanel FlightGear Flight Simulator Panel Rendering Engine
fgviewer An alternative FlightGear viewer application
GPSsmooth send NMEA-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
JSBSim standalone version of the JSBSim open source flight dynamics model
js_demo Joystick demo application for FlightGear
metar demo METAR utility for FlightGear
MIDGsmooth send MIDG-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
UGsmooth send UGear-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance
File Formats
File Description
fgfsrc FlightGear command-line options file