Package flickcurl

C library for the Flickr API

Flickcurl is a C library for the Flickr API, handling creating the requests,
signing, token management, calling the API, marshalling request parameters
and decoding responses. It uses libcurl to call the REST web service and
libxml2 to manipulate the XML responses. Flickcurl supports all of the API
including the functions for photo/video uploading, browsing, searching,
adding and editing comments, groups, notes, photosets, categories, activity,
blogs, favorites, places, tags, machine tags, institutions, pandas and
photo/video metadata. It also includes a program flickrdf to turn photo
metadata, tags, machine tags and places into an RDF triples description.

General Commands (Section 1)
flickcurl is a utility program to call the Flickr APIs via the flickcurl library. Run flickcurl -h to get a list of the supported commands and their arguments...
flickrdf is a utility that uses the photos.getInfo API to interpret the description fields and the tags for a photo URI into RDF triples. If raptor is present...