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Package flexiblas-devel

Development headers and libraries for FlexiBLAS


FlexiBLAS is a wrapper library that enables the exchange of the BLAS and
LAPACK implementation used by a program without recompiling or relinking it.

This package contains the development headers and libraries.

Version: 3.4.4

Library Functions

flexiblas_avail check if FlexiBLAS is available in the current namespace.
flexiblas_current_backend return the name of the currently used backend.
flexiblas_get_num_threads Get the number of threads the backend uses for computation.
flexiblas_get_version retrieve the used FlexiBLAS version.
flexiblas_list list available backends.
flexiblas_list_loaded list all loaded backends.
flexiblas_load_backend load a backend from the FlexiBLAS configuration.
flexiblas_load_backend_library load a backend from a shared library.
flexiblas_print_avail_backends prints the available FlexiBLAS backends to a file.
flexiblas_print_current_backend prints the currently loead/active backend to a file.
flexiblas_print_loaded_backends prints the loaded FlexiBLAS backends to a file.
flexiblas_set_num_threads set the number of threads the backend should use for computation.
flexiblas_switch switch the currently used FlexiBLAS backend.


flexiblas-api Overview about the FlexiBLAS API