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Package flamegraph-stackcollapse

Stack collapsers and support scripts


A set of scripts that collapse stack traces produced by various tools
for consumption by flamegraph, as well as some miscellaneous support

Version: 1.0

See also: flamegraph, flamegraph-stackcollapse-perf, flamegraph-stackcollapse-php.

General Commands

difffolded.pl manual page for difffolded.pl 1.0
files.pl manual page for files.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-chrome-tracing.py manual page for stackcollapse-chrome-tracing.py 1.0
stackcollapse-elfutils.pl manual page for stackcollapse-elfutils.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-go.pl manual page for stackcollapse-go.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-ibmjava.pl manual page for stackcollapse-ibmjava.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-java-exceptions.pl manual page for stackcollapse-java-exceptions.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-jstack.pl manual page for stackcollapse-jstack.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-perf.pl manual page for stackcollapse-perf.pl 1.0
stackcollapse-vtune-mc.pl manual page for stackcollapse-vtune-mc.pl 1.0