Package firewalld

A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall

firewalld is a firewall service daemon that provides a dynamic customizable
firewall with a D-Bus interface.

Version: 2.1.1

General Commands

firewall-cmd firewalld command line client
firewall-offline-cmd firewalld offline command line client
firewalld Dynamic Firewall Manager

File Formats

firewalld.conf firewalld configuration file
firewalld.dbus firewalld D-Bus interface description firewalld direct configuration file
firewalld.helper firewalld helper configuration files
firewalld.icmptype firewalld icmptype configuration files
firewalld.ipset firewalld ipset configuration files
firewalld.lockdown-whitelist firewalld lockdown whitelist configuration file
firewalld.policies firewalld policies
firewalld.policy firewalld policy configuration files
firewalld.richlanguage Rich Language Documentation
firewalld.service firewalld service configuration files firewalld zone configuration files
firewalld.zones firewalld zones