Package fim

Lightweight universal image viewer

FIM (Fbi IMproved) is a highly customizable and scriptable image viewer
targeted at the users who are comfortable with software like the Vim.

FIM is multidevice: it has X support (via the SDL library),
it supports ASCII art output (via the aalib and libcaca libraries),
and because it derives from the Fbi image viewer (by Gerd Hoffmann),
it can display images in the Linux framebuffer console, too.

It offers many options for scaling, orienting, listing and rearranging
the ordering of images.

Version: 0.6~rc0

General Commands

fim Fbi (linux framebuffer imageviewer) IMproved, an universal image viewer
fimgs poor man's [http://]PostScript/pdf/dvi/cbr/rar/cbz/zip viewer based on fim

File Formats

fimrc fim configuration file and language reference