Package fcgiwrap

Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts

This package provides a simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts with/
following features:
 - very lightweight (84KB of private memory per instance)
 - fixes broken CR/LF in headers
 - handles environment in a sane way (CGI scripts get HTTP-related environment
   vars from FastCGI parameters and inherit all the others from
   environment of fcgiwrap )
 - no configuration, so you can run several sites off the same
   fcgiwrap pool
 - passes CGI std error output to std error stream of cgiwrap or FastCGI
 - support systemd socket activation, launcher program like spawn-fcgi
   is no longer required on systemd-enabled distributions

Version: 1.1.0

System Administration

fcgiwrap serve CGI applications over FastCGI