Package fcft-devel

Development files for fcft

The fcft-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use fcft.

Version: 3.1.8

Library Functions

fcft_capabilities available optional library capabilities
fcft_clone copy an already instantiated font
fcft_destroy free fcft_font objects
fcft_fini release global resources
fcft_from_name instantiate a new font
fcft_init initialize the library
fcft_kerning calculate kerning distance between two wide characters
fcft_log_init configure logging in fcft
fcft_precompose pre-compose two wide characters into one
fcft_rasterize_char_utf32 rasterize a glyph for a single UTF-32 codepoint
fcft_rasterize_grapheme_utf32 rasterize glyph(s) for a grapheme cluster
fcft_rasterize_text_run_utf32 rasterize a series of glyphs for a text string
fcft_set_emoji_presentation configures the default emoji presentation
fcft_set_scaling_filter configures the filter to use when downscaling bitmap fonts
fcft_text_run_destroy free fcft_text_run objects