Package fasttrack-cli

Multiple objects tracking software, easy to use, and performant.

Tracking objects in video recording can be tedious. Existing software are
expensive, the learning curve can be steep, necessitate a powerful computer,
and the workflow can not be easily adapted when the project evolved.

FastTrack is a free (as freedom) desktop tracking software, easy to install,
easy to use, and performant. The software can be downloaded for Linux, macOS,
and Windows, and a public API is available to embed the core of the software in
any C++/Qt project.

Two main features are implemented in the software:

  • An automatic tracking algorithm that can detect and track objects
    (conserving the objects’ identities across the video recording).
  • A manual review of the tracking where errors can be corrected rapidly and
    easily to achieve 100% accuracy.

This package contains the command-line tool (fasttrack-cli).

Version: 6.1.1

General Commands

fasttrack-cli fasttrack-cli – Use FastTrack from the command line