Package fapolicyd

Application Whitelisting Daemon

Fapolicyd (File Access Policy Daemon) implements application whitelisting
to decide file access rights. Applications that are known via a reputation
source are allowed access while unknown applications are not. The daemon
makes use of the kernel's fanotify interface to determine file access rights.

Version: 1.3.2

File Formats

fapolicyd-filter.conf fapolicyd filter configuration file
fapolicyd.conf fapolicyd configuration file
fapolicyd.rules compiled fapolicyd rules to determine access rights fapolicyd.rules — deprecated fapolicyd rules to determine access rights fapolicyd's file of trust
rpm-filter.conf fapolicyd filter configuration file

System Administration

fagenrules a script that merges component fapolicyd rule files
fapolicyd File Access Policy Daemon
fapolicyd-cli Fapolicyd CLI Tool