Package Falcon-devel

Development files for Falcon

The Falcon Programming Language is an embeddable scripting language
aiming to empower even simple applications with a powerful,
flexible, extensible and highly configurable scripting engine.

Falcon is also a standalone multiplatform scripting language that
aims to be both simple and powerful.

This package contains development files for Falcon. This is not
necessary for using the Falcon interpreter.

General Commands (Section 1)
The falcon-conf script can be used to determine automatically Falcon development file installation path and settings for include and library options in...
The falconeer.fal script configures a directory containing the Falcon Skeleton Module so that it becomes ready for compilation under all the systems supported...
The faltest command line tool is a powerful interface to the Falcon unit testing system. The basic working principle of faltest is that of taking all the .fal...