Package Falcon

The Falcon Programming Language

The Falcon Programming Language is an embeddable scripting language
aiming to empower even simple applications with a powerful,
flexible, extensible and highly configurable scripting engine.

Falcon is also a standalone multiplatform scripting language that
aims to be both simple and powerful.

General Commands (Section 1)
The falcon command line interpreter is used to launch, compile, assemble or debug scripts written in the Falcon Programming Language. The command line...
The faldissass command line tool disassembles a compiled .fam Falcon module. The output human-readable Falcon Virtual Machine assembly is sent to the standard...
The Falcon language table compiler is used to compile .ftt files (Falcon translation tables) into a binary .ftr file (Falcon translation). The ftr file is a...
The falpack command line tool is meant to copy all the modules and other dependencies needed for a standalone falcon application to run into a target directory...
The falrun command line tool is a subset of the falcon(1) command line interpreter which only executes pre-compiled falcon scripts in ".fam" module files. This...