Package eurephia

An advanced and flexible OpenVPN user authentication plug-in

This plug-in enhances OpenVPN by adding user name and password
authentication in addition. An eurephia user account is a combination of
minimum one OpenVPN SSL certificate and a user name with a password
assigned. It is also possible to setup several eurephia user names to use
a shared OpenVPN certificate.

In addition, eurephia will blacklist IP addresses, certificates and user names
on too many failed attempts and it supports dynamic update of iptables rules
which restricts network access per connection.

Miscellanea (Section 7)
The is a plug-in for OpenVPN. It is loaded by providing the --plugin option in the OpenVPN configuration. The syntax for OpenVPN and...
Overview over all eurephia configuration variables. These variables are stored in the database and can be modified by the eurephiadm config command.