Package euca2ools

Eucalyptus/AWS-compatible command line tools

Euca2ools are command line tools used to interact with Eucalyptus,
a service overlay designed to be interface-compatible with Amazon Web
Services (AWS), as well as AWS itself.

General Commands
Command Description
euare-accountaliascreate Create an alias for an account, a.k.a. an account name
euare-accountaliasdelete Delete an account's alias, a.k.a. its account name
euare-accountaliaslist List your account's aliases
euare-accountcreate [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Create a new account
euare-accountdel [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Delete an account
euare-accountdelpolicy [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Remove a policy from an account
euare-accountgetpolicy [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Display an account's policy
euare-accountgetsummary Display account-level information about account entity usage and IAM quotas
euare-accountlist [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] List all of the cloud's accounts
euare-accountlistpolicies [Eucalyptus only] List one or all policies policies attached to an account
euare-accountuploadpolicy [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Attach a policy to an account
euare-assumerole Assume an IAM role
euare-getcallerid Show information about the currently-active credentials
euare-getldapsyncstatus [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Show the status of the cloud's LDAP...
euare-groupaddpolicy Add a new policy to a group. To add more complex policies than this tool...
euare-groupadduser Add a user to a group
euare-groupcreate Create a new group
euare-groupdel Delete a group
euare-groupdelpolicy Remove a policy from a group
euare-groupgetpolicy Display a group's policy
euare-grouplistbypath List your account's groups
euare-grouplistpolicies List one or all policies attached to a group
euare-grouplistusers List all the users in a group
euare-groupmod Change the name and/or path of a group
euare-groupremoveuser Remove a user from a group
euare-groupuploadpolicy Attach a policy to a group
euare-instanceprofileaddrole Add a role to an instance profile
euare-instanceprofilecreate Create a new instance profile
euare-instanceprofiledel Delete an instance profile
euare-instanceprofilegetattributes Display an instance profile's ARN and GUID
euare-instanceprofilelistbypath List your account's instance profiles
euare-instanceprofilelistforrole List all instance profiles that use a role
euare-instanceprofileremoverole Remove a role from an instance profile
euare-oidcprovideraddclientid Add a client ID to an OpenID Connect provider
euare-oidcproviderchangethumbprint Replace an OpenID Connect provider's list of thumbprints
euare-oidcprovidercreate Create a new OpenID Connect provider
euare-oidcproviderdel Delete an OpenID Connect provider
euare-oidcproviderdelclientid Remove a client ID from an OpenID Connect provider
euare-oidcprovidergetattributes Describe an OpenID Connect provider
euare-oidcproviderlist List your account's OpenID Connect providers
euare-releaserole Release IAM role credentials
euare-roleaddpolicy Add a new policy to a role. To add more complex policies than this tool...
euare-rolecreate Create a new role
euare-roledel Delete a role
euare-roledelpolicy Remove a policy from a role
euare-rolegetattributes Display a role's ARN, GUID, and trust policy
euare-rolegetpolicy Display a role's policy
euare-rolelistbypath List your account's roles
euare-rolelistpolicies List one or all policies attached to a role
euare-roleupdateassumepolicy Update a role's trust policy, the policy that allows entities to assume a role
euare-roleuploadpolicy Attach a policy to a role
euare-servercertdel Delete a server certificate
euare-servercertgetattributes Show the ARN and GUID of a server certificate
euare-servercertlistbypath List your account's server certificates
euare-servercertmod Change the name and/or path of a server certificate
euare-servercertupload Upload a server certificate
euare-useraddcert Upload a signing certificate
euare-useraddkey Create a new access key for a user
euare-useraddloginprofile Create a password for the specified user
euare-useraddpolicy Add a new policy to a user. To add more complex policies than this tool...
euare-usercreate Create a new user
euare-usercreatecert [Eucalyptus only] Create a new signing certificate
euare-userdeactivatemfadevice Deactivate an MFA device
euare-userdel Delete a user
euare-userdelcert Delete a signing certificate
euare-userdelkey Delete an access key
euare-userdelloginprofile Delete a user's password
euare-userdelpolicy Remove a policy from a user
euare-userenablemfadevice Enable an MFA device
euare-usergetattributes Display a user's ARN and GUID
euare-usergetinfo [Eucalyptus only] Display information about a user
euare-usergetloginprofile Verify that a user has a password
euare-usergetpolicy Display a user's policy
euare-userlistbypath List your account's users
euare-userlistcerts List a user's signing certificates
euare-userlistgroups List all groups a user is a member of
euare-userlistkeys List a user's access keys
euare-userlistmfadevices List a user's MFA devices
euare-userlistpolicies List one or all policies attached to a user
euare-usermod Change the name and/or path of a user
euare-usermodcert Change the status of a signing certificate from Active to Inactive, or vice...
euare-usermodkey Change the status of an access key from Active to Inactive, or vice versa
euare-usermodloginprofile Update a user's password
euare-userresyncmfadevice Re-synchronize an MFA device with the server
euare-userupdateinfo [Eucalyptus only] Update a user's information
euare-useruploadpolicy Attach a policy to a user
euca-accept-vpc-peering-connection Accept a request for a VPC peering connection
euca-allocate-address Allocate a public IP address
euca-assign-private-ip-addresses Assign one or more private IP addresses to a network interface
euca-associate-address Associate an elastic IP address with a running instance
euca-associate-dhcp-options Associate a DHCP option set with a VPC
euca-associate-route-table Associate a VPC route table with a subnet
euca-attach-internet-gateway Attach an Internet gateway to a VPC
euca-attach-network-interface Attach a VPC network interface to an instance
euca-attach-volume Attach an EBS volume to an instance
euca-attach-vpn-gateway Attach a virtual private gateway to a VPC
euca-authorize Add a rule to a security group that allows traffic to pass
euca-bundle-and-upload-image Prepare and upload an image for use in the cloud
euca-bundle-image Prepare an image for use in the cloud
euca-bundle-instance Bundle an S3-backed Windows instance
euca-bundle-vol Prepare this machine's filesystem for use in the cloud
euca-cancel-bundle-task Cancel an instance bundling operation
euca-cancel-conversion-task Cancel an import task
euca-confirm-product-instance Verify if a product code is associated with an instance
euca-copy-image Copy an image from another region
euca-create-customer-gateway Create a VPN customer gateway
euca-create-dhcp-options Create a VPC DHCP option set
euca-create-group Create a new security group
euca-create-image Create an EBS image from a running or stopped EBS instance
euca-create-internet-gateway Create a new VPC Internet gateway
euca-create-keypair Create a new SSH key pair for use with instances
euca-create-nat-gateway Create a new VPC NAT gateway
euca-create-network-acl Create a new VPC network ACL
euca-create-network-acl-entry Create a new entry in a VPC network ACL
euca-create-network-interface Create a new VPC network interface
euca-create-route Add a route to a VPC route table
euca-create-route-table Create a new VPC route table
euca-create-snapshot Create a snapshot of a volume
euca-create-subnet Create a new VPC subnet
euca-create-tags Add or overwrite tags for one or more resources
euca-create-volume Create a new volume
euca-create-vpc Create a new VPC
euca-create-vpc-peering-connection Request a peering connection between two VPCs
euca-create-vpn-connection Create a VPN connection between a virtual private gateway and a customer gateway
euca-create-vpn-connection-route Create a static route that sends traffic from a virtual private gateway to a...
euca-create-vpn-gateway Create a virtual private gateway
euca-delete-bundle Delete a previously-uploaded bundle
euca-delete-customer-gateway Delete a VPN customer gateway
euca-delete-dhcp-options Delete a VPC DHCP option set
euca-delete-disk-image Delete a disk image used for an import task
euca-delete-group Delete a security group
euca-delete-internet-gateway Delete a VPC Internet gateway
euca-delete-keypair Delete a key pair
euca-delete-nat-gateway Delete a VPC NAT gateway
euca-delete-network-acl Delete a VPC network ACL
euca-delete-network-acl-entry Delete a network acl rule
euca-delete-network-interface Delete a VPC network interface
euca-delete-route Delete a route from a VPC route table
euca-delete-route-table Delete a VPC route table
euca-delete-snapshot Delete a snapshot
euca-delete-subnet Delete a VPC subnet
euca-delete-tags Delete tags from one or more resources
euca-delete-volume Delete a volume
euca-delete-vpc Delete a VPC
euca-delete-vpc-peering-connection Delete a VPC peering connection
euca-delete-vpn-connection Delete a VPN connection
euca-delete-vpn-connection-route Delete a static route from a virtual private gateway to a customer gateway
euca-delete-vpn-gateway Delete a virtual private gateway
euca-deregister De-register an image. After you de-register an image it cannot be used to launch...
euca-describe-account-attributes Show information about your account
euca-describe-addresses Show information about elastic IP addresses
euca-describe-availability-zones Display availability zones within the current region
euca-describe-bundle-tasks Describe current instance-bundling tasks
euca-describe-conversion-tasks Show information about import operations
euca-describe-customer-gateways Show information about VPN customer gateways
euca-describe-dhcp-options Show information about VPC DHCP option sets
euca-describe-group Show information about security groups
euca-describe-groups Show information about security groups
euca-describe-image-attribute Show information about an attribute of an image
euca-describe-images Show information about images
euca-describe-instance-attribute Show one of an instance's attributes.
euca-describe-instances Show information about instances
euca-describe-instance-status Show information about instance status and scheduled events
euca-describe-instance-types [Eucalyptus only] Show information about instance types
euca-describe-internet-gateways Describe one or more VPC Internet gateways
euca-describe-keypairs Display information about available key pairs
euca-describe-nat-gateways Describe one or more VPC NAT gateways
euca-describe-network-acls Describe one or more network ACLs
euca-describe-network-interface-attribute Show an attribute of a VPC network interface
euca-describe-network-interfaces Show information about VPC network interfaces
euca-describe-regions Display information about regions
euca-describe-route-tables Describe one or more VPC route tables
euca-describe-snapshot-attribute Show information about an attribute of a snapshot
euca-describe-snapshots Show information about snapshots
euca-describe-subnets Show information about one or more VPC subnets
euca-describe-tags List tags associated with your account's resources
euca-describe-volumes Display information about volumes
euca-describe-vpc-attribute Show an attribute of a VPC
euca-describe-vpc-peering-connections Show information about VPC peering connections
euca-describe-vpcs Show information about VPCs
euca-describe-vpn-connections Show information about VPN connections
euca-describe-vpn-gateways Show information about virtual private gateways
euca-detach-internet-gateway Detach an Internet gateway from a VPC
euca-detach-network-interface Detach a VPC network interface from an instance
euca-detach-volume Detach a volume from an instance
euca-detach-vpn-gateway Detach a virtual private gateway from a VPC
euca-disable-vgw-route-propagation Make a VPC route table stop obtaining routes from a virtual private gateway
euca-disassociate-address Disassociate an elastic IP address from an instance
euca-disassociate-route-table Disassociate a VPC subnet from a route table
euca-download-and-unbundle Download and unbundle a bundled image from the cloud
euca-download-bundle Download a bundled image from the cloud
euca-enable-vgw-route-propagation Allow a VPC route table to obtain routes from a virtual private gateway
euca-fingerprint-key Show the fingerprint of a private key as it would appear in the output of...
euca-generate-environment-config Read environment variables and euca2ools.ini(5) files to discover the service...
euca-get-console-output Retrieve console output for the specified instance
euca-get-password Retrieve the administrator password for an instance running Windows
euca-get-password-data Retrieve the encrypted administrator password for an instance running Windows...
euca-import-instance Import an instance into the cloud
euca-import-keypair Import a public RSA key as a new key pair
euca-import-volume Import a file to a volume in the cloud
euca-install-image Bundle, upload and register an image into the cloud
euca-modify-image-attribute Modify an attribute of an image
euca-modify-instance-attribute Modify an attribute of an instance
euca-modify-instance-type [Eucalyptus cloud admin only] Modify an instance type
euca-modify-network-interface-attribute Modify an attribute of a VPC network interface
euca-modify-snapshot-attribute Modify an attribute of a snapshot
euca-modify-subnet-attribute Modify an attribute of a subnet
euca-modify-vpc-attribute Modify an attribute of a VPC
euca-monitor-instances Enable monitoring for one or more instances
euca-reboot-instances Reboot one or more instances
euca-register Register a new image
euca-reject-vpc-peering-connection Reject a request for a VPC peering connection
euca-release-address Release an elastic IP address
euca-replace-network-acl-association Associate a new VPC network ACL with a subnet
euca-replace-network-acl-entry Replace an entry in a VPC network ACL
euca-replace-route Replace a route in a VPC route table
euca-replace-route-table-association Change the route table associated with a VPC subnet
euca-reset-image-attribute Reset an attribute of an image to its default value
euca-reset-instance-attribute Reset an attribute of an instance to its default value
euca-reset-network-interface-attribute Reset an attribute of a VPC network interface
euca-reset-snapshot-attribute Reset an attribute of a snapshot to its default value
euca-resume-import Perform the upload step of an import task
euca-revoke Remove a rule from a security group
euca-run-instances Launch instances of a machine image
euca-start-instances Start one or more stopped instances
euca-stop-instances Stop one or more running instances
euca-terminate-instances Terminate one or more instances
euca-unassign-private-ip-addresses Remove one or more private IP addresses from a network interface
euca-unbundle Recreate an image from its bundled parts
euca-unbundle-stream Recreate an image solely from its combined bundled parts without using a...
euca-unmonitor-instances Disable monitoring for one or more instances
euca-upload-bundle Upload a bundle prepared by euca-bundle-image to the cloud
euca-version Display the euca2ools suite's version
euform-cancel-update-stack Cancel a stack update that is currently running
euform-create-stack Create a new stack
euform-delete-stack Delete a stack
euform-describe-stack-events Describe events that occurred in a stack
euform-describe-stack-resource Describe a resource from a particular stack
euform-describe-stack-resources List all of the resources in one or more stacks
euform-describe-stacks Describe one or more stacks
euform-get-template Show a stack's template
euform-get-template-summary Summarize a template
euform-list-stack-resources List all resources for a stack
euform-list-stacks List all running stacks
euform-update-stack Update a stack's template, parameters, or capabilities
euform-validate-template Validate a template
euimage-describe-pack ***TECH PREVIEW***
euimage-install-pack ***TECH PREVIEW***
euimage-pack-image ***TECH PREVIEW***
eulb-apply-security-groups-to-lb [VPC only] Associate one or more security groups with a load balancer. All...
eulb-attach-lb-to-subnets [VPC only] Add a load balancer to one or more subnets
eulb-configure-healthcheck Configure health checking for instance registerd with a load balancer
eulb-create-app-cookie-stickiness-policy Create a new stickiness policy for a load balancer, whereby the server...
eulb-create-lb Create a load balancer
eulb-create-lb-cookie-stickiness-policy Create a new stickiness policy for a load balancer, whereby the load balancer...
eulb-create-lb-listeners Add one or more listeners to a load balancer
eulb-create-lb-policy Add a new policy to a load balancer
eulb-create-tags Add one or more tags to a load balancer
eulb-delete-lb Delete a load balancer
eulb-delete-lb-listeners Delete one or more listeners from a load balancer
eulb-delete-lb-policy Delete a policy from a load balancer
eulb-delete-tags Remove one or more tags from a load balancer
eulb-deregister-instances-from-lb Remove one or more instances from a load balancer
eulb-describe-instance-health Show the state of instances registered with a load balancer
eulb-describe-lb-attributes Show a load balancer's attributes
eulb-describe-lb-policies Show information about load balancer policies
eulb-describe-lb-policy-types Show information about load balancer policy types
eulb-describe-lbs Show information about load balancers
eulb-describe-tags Show the tags associated with one or more load balancers
eulb-detach-lb-from-subnets [VPC only] Remove a load balancer from one or more subnets
eulb-disable-zones-for-lb Remove a load balancer from one or more availability zones
eulb-enable-zones-for-lb Add a load balancer to one or more availability zones
eulb-modify-lb-attributes Modify a load balancer's attributes
eulb-register-instances-with-lb Add one or more instances to a load balancer
eulb-set-lb-listener-ssl-cert Change the certificate that terminates a load balancer'slistener's SSL...
eulb-set-lb-policies-for-backend-server Change the policies associated with a port on which load-balanced back end...
eulb-set-lb-policies-of-listener Change the policy associated with a load balancer listener
euscale-create-auto-scaling-group Create a new auto-scaling group
euscale-create-launch-config Create a new auto-scaling instance launch configuration
euscale-create-or-update-tags Create or update one or more resource tags
euscale-delete-auto-scaling-group Delete an auto-scaling group
euscale-delete-launch-config Delete an auto-scaling instance launch configuration
euscale-delete-notification-configuration Delete an auto-scaling group's notification configuration
euscale-delete-policy Delete a scaling policy
euscale-delete-scheduled-action Delete a scheduled action
euscale-delete-tags Delete one or more resource tags
euscale-describe-account-limits Describe your account's limits on auto-scaling resources
euscale-describe-adjustment-types Describe policy adjustment types usable with scaling policies
euscale-describe-auto-scaling-groups Describe auto-scaling groups
euscale-describe-auto-scaling-instances Describe instances in auto-scaling groups
euscale-describe-auto-scaling-notification-types List all notification types supported by the service
euscale-describe-launch-configs Describe auto-scaling instance launch configurations
euscale-describe-metric-collection-types Describe auto-scaling metrics and granularities
euscale-describe-notification-configurations Describe notification actions associated with auto-scaling groups
euscale-describe-policies Describe auto-scaling policies
euscale-describe-process-types List all types of scaling processes
euscale-describe-scaling-activities Describe past and current auto-scaling activities
euscale-describe-scheduled-actions Describe scheduled auto-scaling group actions
euscale-describe-tags Describe auto-scaling tags
euscale-describe-termination-policy-types List all termination policies supported by the service
euscale-disable-metrics-collection Disable monitoring of an auto-scaling group's group metrics
euscale-enable-metrics-collection Enable monitoring of an auto-scaling group's group metrics
euscale-execute-policy Manually set an auto-scaling instance's health status
euscale-put-notification-configuration Create or replace an auto-scaling group's notification configuration
euscale-put-scaling-policy Create or update an auto-scaling group's scaling policy
euscale-put-scheduled-update-group-action Schedule a scaling action for an auto-scaling group
euscale-resume-processes Resume an auto-scaling group's auto-scaling processes
euscale-set-desired-capacity Set an auto-scaling group's desired capacity
euscale-set-instance-health Manually set an auto-scaling instance's health status
euscale-suspend-processes Suspend an auto-scaling group's auto-scaling processes
euscale-terminate-instance-in-auto-scaling-group Manually terminate an auto-scaling instance
euscale-update-auto-scaling-group Update an auto-scaling group's parameters
euwatch-delete-alarms Delete alarms
euwatch-describe-alarm-history Retrieve history for one alarm or all alarms
euwatch-describe-alarms Describe alarms
euwatch-describe-alarms-for-metric Describe alarms for a single metric.
euwatch-disable-alarm-actions Disable all actions for one or more alarms
euwatch-enable-alarm-actions Enable all actions for one or more alarms
euwatch-get-stats Show a metric's statistics
euwatch-list-metrics Show a list of monitoring metrics
euwatch-put-metric-alarm Create or update an alarm
euwatch-set-alarm-state Temporarily set the state of an alarm
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