Package ettercap

Network traffic sniffer/analyser, NCURSES interface version

Ettercap is a suite for man in the middle attacks on LAN. It features
sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other
interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many
protocols (even ciphered ones) and includes many feature for network and host

File Formats (Section 5)
etter.conf is the configuration file that determines ettercap behaviour. It is always loaded at startup and it configures some attributes used at runtime.
System Administration (Section 8)
Ettercap was born as a sniffer for switched LAN (and obviously even "hubbed" ones), but during the development process it has gained more and more features that...
The curses GUI is quite simple and intuitive. It is menu-driven. Every flag or function can be modified/called through the upper menu. All user messages are...
This code was originally taken from arch distro, and refactored to work with cmake system by Gianfranco Costamagna (LocutusOfBorg)...
Ettercap(8) supports loadable modules at runtime. They are called plugins and they come within the source tarball. They are automatically compiled if your...
The etterfilter utility is used to compile source filter files into binary filter files that can be interpreted by the JIT interpreter in the ettercap(8) filter...
Etterlog is the log analyzer for logfiles created by ettercap. It can handle both compressed (created with -Lc) or uncompressed logfiles. With this tool you can...