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Package erlang-syntax_tools

A set of tools for dealing with erlang sources


A utility used to handle abstract Erlang syntax trees,
reading source files differently, pretty-printing syntax trees.


Library Functions

epp_dodger.3erl epp_dodger — bypasses the Erlang preprocessor.
erl_comment_scan.3erl Functions for reading comment lines from Erlang source code.
erl_prettypr.3erl Pretty printing of abstract Erlang syntax trees.
erl_recomment.3erl Inserting comments into abstract Erlang syntax trees.
erl_syntax.3erl Abstract Erlang syntax trees.
erl_syntax_lib.3erl Support library for abstract Erlang syntax trees.
merl.3erl Metaprogramming in Erlang.
merl_transform.3erl Parse transform for merl.
prettypr.3erl A generic pretty printer library.