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Package erlang-stdlib

The Erlang standard libraries


Version: 26.2.4

Library Functions

argparse.3erl Command line arguments parser.
array.3erl Functional, extendible arrays.
beam_lib.3erl An interface to the BEAM file format.
binary.3erl Library for handling binary data.
c.3erl Command interface module.
dets.3erl A disk-based term storage.
dict.3erl Key-value dictionary.
digraph.3erl Directed graphs.
digraph_utils.3erl Algorithms for directed graphs.
edlin.3erl Line and input interpretter for the erlang shell.
edlin_expand.3erl Shell expansion and formatting of expansion suggestions.
epp.3erl An Erlang code preprocessor.
erl_eval.3erl The Erlang meta interpreter.
erl_expand_records.3erl Expands records in a module.
erl_features.3erl Feature support.
erl_id_trans.3erl An identity parse transform.
erl_internal.3erl Internal Erlang definitions.
erl_lint.3erl The Erlang code linter.
erl_parse.3erl The Erlang parser.
erl_pp.3erl The Erlang pretty printer.
erl_scan.3erl The Erlang token scanner.
ets.3erl Built-in term storage.
file_sorter.3erl File sorter.
filename.3erl Filename manipulation functions.
gb_sets.3erl Sets represented by general balanced trees.
gb_trees.3erl General balanced trees.
gen_event.3erl Generic event handling behavior.
gen_fsm.3erl Deprecated and replaced by gen_statem
gen_server.3erl Generic server behavior.
gen_statem.3erl Generic state machine behavior.
io.3erl Standard I/O server interface functions.
io_lib.3erl I/O library functions.
lists.3erl List processing functions.
log_mf_h.3erl An event handler that logs events to disk.
maps.3erl Maps processing functions.
math.3erl Mathematical functions.
orddict.3erl Key-value dictionary as ordered list.
pool.3erl Load distribution facility.
proplists.3erl Support functions for property lists.
queue.3erl Abstract data type for FIFO queues.
rand.3erl Pseudo random number generation.
random.3erl Pseudo-random number generation.
re.3erl Perl-like regular expressions for Erlang.
sets.3erl Functions for set manipulation.
shell.3erl The Erlang shell.
shell_default.3erl Customizing the Erlang environment.
shell_docs.3erl Functions used to render EEP-48 style documentation for a shell.
sofs.3erl Functions for manipulating sets of sets.
string.3erl String processing functions.
supervisor.3erl Generic supervisor behavior.
supervisor_bridge.3erl Generic supervisor bridge behavior.
sys.3erl A functional interface to system messages.
timer.3erl Timer functions.
unicode.3erl Functions for converting Unicode characters.
uri_string.3erl URI processing functions.


stdlib The STDLIB application.