Package erlang-stdlib

The Erlang standard libraries

Library Functions
Library Function Description
array.3erl Functional, extendible arrays.
base64.3erl Provides base64 encode and decode, see
beam_lib.3erl An interface to the BEAM file format.
binary.3erl Library for handling binary data.
c.3erl Command interface module.
calendar.3erl Local and universal time, day of the week, date and time
dets.3erl A disk-based term storage.
dict.3erl Key-value dictionary.
digraph.3erl Directed graphs.
digraph_utils.3erl Algorithms for directed graphs.
epp.3erl An Erlang code preprocessor.
erl_anno.3erl Abstract datatype for the annotations of the Erlang Compiler.
erl_eval.3erl The Erlang meta interpreter.
erl_expand_records.3erl Expands records in a module.
erl_id_trans.3erl An identity parse transform.
erl_internal.3erl Internal Erlang definitions.
erl_lint.3erl The Erlang code linter.
erl_parse.3erl The Erlang parser.
erl_pp.3erl The Erlang pretty printer.
erl_scan.3erl The Erlang token scanner.
erl_tar.3erl Unix 'tar' utility for reading and writing tar archives.
ets.3erl Built-in term storage.
file_sorter.3erl File sorter.
filelib.3erl File utilities, such as wildcard matching of filenames.
filename.3erl Filename manipulation functions.
gb_sets.3erl General balanced trees.
gb_trees.3erl General balanced trees.
gen_event.3erl Generic event handling behavior.
gen_fsm.3erl Deprecated and replaced by gen_statem
gen_server.3erl Generic server behavior.
gen_statem.3erl Generic state machine behavior.
io.3erl Standard I/O server interface functions.
io_lib.3erl I/O library functions.
lists.3erl List processing functions.
log_mf_h.3erl An event handler that logs events to disk.
maps.3erl Maps processing functions.
math.3erl Mathematical functions.
ms_transform.3erl A parse transformation that translates fun syntax into match
orddict.3erl Key-value dictionary as ordered list.
ordsets.3erl Functions for manipulating sets as ordered lists.
pool.3erl Load distribution facility.
proc_lib.3erl Functions for asynchronous and synchronous start of processes
proplists.3erl Support functions for property lists.
qlc.3erl Query interface to Mnesia, ETS, Dets, and so on.
queue.3erl Abstract data type for FIFO queues.
rand.3erl Pseudo random number generation.
random.3erl Pseudo-random number generation.
re.3erl Perl-like regular expressions for Erlang.
sets.3erl Functions for set manipulation.
shell.3erl The Erlang shell.
shell_default.3erl Customizing the Erlang environment.
slave.3erl Functions for starting and controlling slave nodes.
sofs.3erl Functions for manipulating sets of sets.
string.3erl String processing functions.
supervisor.3erl Generic supervisor behavior.
supervisor_bridge.3erl Generic supervisor bridge behavior.
sys.3erl A functional interface to system messages.
timer.3erl Timer functions.
unicode.3erl Functions for converting Unicode characters.
uri_string.3erl URI processing functions.
zip.3erl Utility for reading and creating 'zip' archives.
Game Description
stdlib The STDLIB application.