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Package erlang-orber

A CORBA Object Request Broker


Version: 5.1

Library Functions

CosNaming.3erl The CosNaming service is a collection of interfaces that together define the naming service.
CosNaming_BindingIterator.3erl This interface supports iteration over a name binding list.
CosNaming_NamingContext.3erl This interface supports different bind and access functions for names in a context.
CosNaming_NamingContextExt.3erl This interface contains operation for converting a Name sequence to a string and back.
Module_Interface.3erl Orber generated stubs/skeletons.
any.3erl the corba any type
corba.3erl The functions on CORBA module level
corba_object.3erl The CORBA Object interface functions
fixed.3erl the corba fixed type
interceptors.3erl Describe the functions which must be exported by any supplied Orber native interceptor.
lname.3erl Interface that supports the name pseudo-objects.
lname_component.3erl Interface that supports the name pseudo-objects.
orber.3erl The main module of the Orber application
orber_acl.3erl Orber ACL operations
orber_diagnostics.3erl Diagnostics API for Orber
orber_ifr.3erl The Interface Repository stores representations of IDL information
orber_tc.3erl Help functions for IDL typecodes