Package erlang-kernel

Main erlang library

Version: 26.2.4

Library Functions

application.3erl Generic OTP application functions
auth.3erl Erlang network authentication server.
code.3erl Erlang code server.
disk_log.3erl A disk-based term logging facility.
erl_boot_server.3erl Boot server for other Erlang machines.
erl_ddll.3erl Dynamic driver loader and linker.
erl_prim_loader_stub.3erl Low Level Erlang Loader
erlang_stub.3erl The Erlang BIFs
erpc.3erl Enhanced Remote Procedure Call
error_handler.3erl Default system error handler.
error_logger.3erl Erlang error logger.
file.3erl File interface module.
gen_tcp.3erl Interface to TCP/IP sockets.
gen_udp.3erl Interface to UDP sockets.
global.3erl A global name registration facility.
global_group.3erl Grouping nodes to global name registration groups.
heart.3erl Heartbeat monitoring of an Erlang runtime system.
inet.3erl Access to TCP/IP protocols.
inet_res.3erl A rudimentary DNS client.
init_stub.3erl Coordination of system startup.
logger_disk_log_h.3erl A disk_log based handler for Logger
logger_filters.3erl Filters to use with Logger.
logger_formatter.3erl Default formatter for Logger.
logger_std_h.3erl Standard handler for Logger.
net_adm.3erl Various Erlang net administration routines.
net_kernel.3erl Erlang networking kernel.
os.3erl Operating system-specific functions.
pg.3erl Distributed named process groups.
rpc.3erl Remote Procedure Call services.
seq_trace.3erl Sequential tracing of information transfers.
zlib_stub.3erl Zlib compression interface.

Special Files

app Application resource file.
config Configuration file.


kernel The Kernel application.