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Package erlang-erts

Functionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself



General Commands

epmd Erlang Port Mapper Daemon
erl The Erlang emulator.
erlc Compiler
escript Erlang scripting support
run_erl Redirect Erlang input and output streams on Unix systems.
start OTP start script example for Unix.
start_erl Start Erlang for embedded systems on Windows systems.

Library Functions

atomics.3erl Atomic Functions
counters.3erl Counter Functions
driver_entry.3erl The driver-entry structure used by Erlang drivers.
erl_driver.3erl API functions for an Erlang driver.
erl_nif.3erl API functions for an Erlang NIF library.
erl_prim_loader.3erl Low-level Erlang loader.
erl_tracer.3erl Erlang tracer behavior.
erlang.3erl The Erlang BIFs and predefined types.
init.3erl Coordination of system startup.
net.3erl Network interface.
persistent_term.3erl Persistent terms.
scheduler.3erl Measure scheduler utilization
socket.3erl Socket interface.
zlib.3erl zlib compression interface.