Package erlang-erl_interface

Low level interface to C

General Commands
Command Description
erl_call Call/start a distributed Erlang node.
Library Functions
Library Function Description
ei.3erl Routines for handling the Erlang binary term format.
ei_connect.3erl Communicate with distributed Erlang.
erl_connect.3erl Communicate with distributed Erlang.
erl_error.3erl Error print routines.
erl_eterm.3erl Functions for Erlang term construction.
erl_format.3erl Create and match Erlang terms.
erl_global.3erl Access globally registered names.
erl_malloc.3erl Memory allocation functions.
erl_marshal.3erl Encoding and decoding of Erlang terms.
registry.3erl Store and back up key-value pairs.