Package erlang-common_test

A portable framework for automatic testing

General Commands
Command Description
ct_run Program used for starting Common Test from the
Library Functions
Library Function Description
ct.3erl Main user interface for the Common Test framework.
ct_cover.3erl Common Test framework code coverage support module.
ct_ftp.3erl FTP client module (based on the FTP application).
ct_hooks.3erl A callback interface on top of Common Test.
ct_master.3erl Distributed test execution control for Common Test.
ct_netconfc.3erl NETCONF client module.
ct_property_test.3erl EXPERIMENTAL support in Common Test for calling
ct_rpc.3erl Common Test specific layer on Erlang/OTP rpc.
ct_slave.3erl Common Test framework functions for starting and stopping
ct_snmp.3erl Common Test user interface module for the SNMP application.
ct_ssh.3erl SSH/SFTP client module.
ct_telnet.3erl Common Test specific layer on top of Telnet client ct_telnet_client.erl
ct_testspec.3erl Parsing of test specifications for Common Test.
unix_telnet.3erl Callback module for ct_telnet, for connecting to a Telnet
Game Description
common_test A framework for automated testing of any target nodes.