Package emacs-mew

Email client for GNU Emacs

Mew provides a very easy user interface to email, MIME and PGP
(Pretty Good Privacy) on the Emacs and the Editors derived from
the Emacs and so on.
General Commands (Section 1)
The cmew utility creates a Message-ID database file with SQLite 3 for Mew. db_file is a database file name. (default: "~/Mail/id.db") maildir is a mail...
The incm utility incorporates new mails from the mbox or the maildir to Mew's inbox folder.
The mewencode utility encode/decode MIME objects.
The mewest utility registers messages into an index for Hyper Estraier. ${HOME}/Mail directory is used by default. This command requires the estcmd command.
The mewl utility extracts necessary fields from messages stored in folders. This command is necessary for Mew to implement the asynchronous feature.
The mew-pinentry utility is a simple pinentry for gpg-agent. It is a front end to ask a passphrase to a user. You may configure "~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf" to...
The smew utility searches related messages from a Message-ID database file with SQLite 3 for Mew. myid is a Message-ID of the message to search. mydb is a...