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Package emacs-common-proofgeneral

Emacs mode for standard interaction interface for proof assistants


Proof General is a generic front-end for proof assistants (also known
as interactive theorem provers) based on Emacs.

Proof General allows one to edit and submit a proof script to a proof
assistant in an interactive manner:
- It tracks the goal state, and the script as it is submitted, and
  allows for easy backtracking and block execution.
- It adds toolbars and menus to Emacs for easy access to proof
  assistant features.
- It integrates with Emacs Unicode support for some provers to provide
  output using proper mathematical symbols.
- It includes utilities for generating Emacs tags for proof scripts,
  allowing for easy navigation.

Proof General supports a number of different proof assistants
(Isabelle, Coq, PhoX, and LEGO to name a few) and is designed to be
easily extendable to work with others.

Version: 4.5

See also: emacs-common.

General Commands

proofgeneral manual page for proofgeneral ()