Package eegdev-devel

Development files for eegdev

The eegdev-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use eegdev.

Version: 0.2

See also: eegdev, eegdev-plugins.

Library Functions

egd_acq_setup specify which and how channel data should be obtained
egd_channel_info Get various information about a particular channel
egd_close close a device
egd_get_available alias for egd_get_data
egd_get_cap Query various information about the device capabilities
egd_get_data peek buffered data
egd_get_numch Get the number of channels sampled by type
egd_open Open an EEG device
egd_sensor_name alias for egd_sensor_type
egd_sensor_type Get the id or name of a sensor type
egd_start start and stop buffered acquisition
egd_stop alias for egd_start