Package edac-utils

Userspace helper for kernel EDAC drivers

EDAC is the current set of drivers in the Linux kernel that handle
detection of ECC errors from memory controllers for most chipsets
on i386 and x86_64 architectures. This userspace component consists
of an init script which makes sure EDAC drivers and DIMM labels
are loaded at system startup, as well as a library and utility
for reporting current error counts from the EDAC sysfs files.

General Commands (Section 1)
The edac-util program reads information from EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers in the kernel, using files exported by these drivers in sysfs. With...
Library Functions (Section 3)
The libedac library offers a very simple programming interface to the information exported from in-kernel EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers in...
System Administration (Section 8)
The edac-ctl program is a perl(1) script which performs some useful administration tasks for EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers.