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Package edac-util

Command-line tool to generate standard EDAC reports


EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) is a set of Linux kernel modules that
handle reporting of hardware-related errors. Currently these modules mainly
handle detection of ECC memory errors for many x86 and x86-64 chipsets and PCI
bus parity errors.

The edac-utils project currently has three components: libedac, edac-util, and
edac-ctl. The libedac library presents a standard API for reading EDAC error
counts and other information from sysfs, and edac-util uses this API to
generate standard reports from the commandline. The edac-ctl utility is a perl
script which uses config files to load the appropriate EDAC driver for a given
chipset and register motherboard DIMM labels if they are configured. An init
script is also provided which uses edac-ctl to initialize EDAC at system

This package provides the edac-util command-line tool.

Version: 0.18

General Commands

edac-util EDAC error reporting utility.