Package E

Equational Theorem Prover

E is a purely equational theorem prover for full first-order logic.
That means it is a program that you can stuff a mathematical
specification (in first-order format) and a hypothesis into, and which
will then run forever, using up all of your machines' resources. Very
occasionally it will find a proof for the hypothesis and tell you so.

E's inference core is based on a modified version of the superposition
calculus for equational clausal logic. Both clausification and
reasoning on the clausal form can be documented in checkable proof

E was the best-performing open source software prover in the 2008 CADE
ATP System Competition (CASC) in the FOF, CNF, and UEQ divisions. In
the 2011 competition, it won second place in the FOF division, and
placed highly in CNF and UEQ.

General Commands
Command Description
checkproof manual page for checkproof 2.1-DEBUG
e_axfilter manual page for e_axfilter 2.1-DEBUG Maharani Hills
e_deduction_server manual page for e_deduction_server 2.1-DEBUG Maharani Hills
eground manual page for eground 2.1-DEBUG
ekb_create manual page for ekb_create 2.1-DEBUG
ekb_delete manual page for ekb_delete 0.1dev
ekb_ginsert manual page for ekb_ginsert 2.1-DEBUG
ekb_insert manual page for ekb_insert 2.1-DEBUG
e_ltb_runner manual page for e_ltb_runner 2.1-DEBUG Maharani Hills
epclextract manual page for epclextract 2.1-DEBUG
eprover manual page for E 2.1-DEBUG Maharani Hills
e_stratpar manual page for e_stratpar 2.1-DEBUG Maharani Hills