Package dvdauthor

Command line DVD authoring tool

DVDAuthor is a set of tools to help you author the file and directory
structure of a DVD-Video disc, including programmatic commands for
implementing interactive behaviour. It is driven by command lines and
XML control files, though there are other programs that provide
GUI-based front ends if you prefer.

General Commands (Section 1)
dvdauthor [ -o output-dir ] -x xml-control-file dvdauthor [ -o output-dir ] [ -j | --jumppad | -g | --allgprm ] [ -T | --toc ] [ menu or title options ]
dvddirdel safely deletes a previously authored DVD directory structure in DIR. Only items that look like part of a DVD-Video directory structure are removed. If...
dvdunauthor decodes the specified DVD-Video directory structure, putting into the current directory an XML control file and corresponding MPEG-2 files (with a...
mpeg2desc multiplexes audio and video streams
spumux encodes the subtitles and multiplexes it into the mpeg2 program stream.
spuunmux demultiplexes subtitles from an existing mpeg2 program stream