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Package dub

Package and build management system for D


DUB is a package and build manager for D applications and libraries.

Version: 1.34.0

General Commands

dub Package and build management system for D
dub-add Adds dependencies to the package file.
dub-add-local Adds a local package directory (e.g. a git repository)
dub-add-override Adds a new package override.
dub-add-path Adds a default package search path
dub-build Builds a package (uses the main package in the current working directory by default)
dub-clean Removes intermediate build files and cached build results
dub-clean-caches Removes cached metadata
dub-convert Converts the file format of the package recipe.
dub-describe Prints a JSON description of the project and its dependencies
dub-dustmite Create reduced test cases for build errors
dub-fetch Manually retrieves and caches a package
dub-generate Generates project files using the specified generator
dub-init Initializes an empty package skeleton
dub-lint Executes the linter tests of the selected package
dub-list Prints a list of all or selected local packages dub is aware of
dub-list-overrides Prints a list of all local package overrides
dub-remove Removes a cached package
dub-remove-local Removes a local package directory
dub-remove-override Removes an existing package override.
dub-remove-path Removes a package search path
dub-run Builds and runs a package (default command)
dub-search Search for available packages.
dub-test Executes the tests of the selected package
dub-upgrade Forces an upgrade of the dependencies