Package drbd-utils

Management utilities for DRBD

DRBD mirrors a block device over the network to another machine.
Think of it as networked raid 1. It is a building block for
setting up high availability (HA) clusters.

This packages includes the DRBD administration tools.

File Formats
File Description
drbd.conf alias for drbd.conf-8.4
drbd.conf-8.3 Configuration file for DRBD's devices
drbd.conf-8.4 Configuration file for DRBD's devices
drbd.conf-9.0 DRBD Configuration Files
System Administration
Command Description
drbd alias for drbd-8.4
drbd-8.3 alias for drbd-8.4
drbd-8.4 The start and stop script for DRBD
drbd-9.0 The start and stop script for DRBD
drbd-overview-9.0 Overview of all configured DRBD resources
drbdadm alias for drbdadm-8.4
drbdadm-8.3 Administration tool for DRBD
drbdadm-8.4 Administration tool for DRBD
drbdadm-9.0 Utility for DRBD administration
drbddisk-8.3 alias for drbddisk-8.4
drbddisk-8.4 Script to mark devices as primary and mount file systems
drbdmeta alias for drbdmeta-8.4
drbdmeta-8.3 DRBD's meta data management tool
drbdmeta-8.4 DRBD's meta data management tool
drbdmeta-9.0 Manipulate the DRBD on-disk metadata
drbdmon alias for drbdmon-9.0
drbdmon-9.0 Monitor DRBD resources realtime
drbdsetup alias for drbdsetup-8.4
drbdsetup-8.3 Setup tool for DRBD
drbdsetup-8.4 Setup tool for DRBD
drbdsetup-9.0 Configure the DRBD kernel module