Package drawtk-devel

A C library to perform efficient 3D drawings

Development files for drawtk library.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
dtk_addtime timestamp adjustment function
dtk_bgcolor alias for dtk_update_screen
dtk_clear_screen alias for dtk_update_screen
dtk_close alias for dtk_create_window
dtk_create_arrow Create and modify arrow shape
dtk_create_circle Create and modify circular shape
dtk_create_circle_str Create and modify circular strip
dtk_create_complex_shape Creates or modify a shape to display custom and evolving content
dtk_create_composite_shape Create or modify a shape holding other shapes
dtk_create_cross Create and modify cross shape
dtk_create_image Create and modify a shape displaying an image
dtk_create_line Create and modify line shape
dtk_create_rectangle_2p Create and modify rectangular shapes
dtk_create_rectangle_hw alias for dtk_create_rectangle_2p
dtk_create_shape Create and modify custom shape
dtk_create_string Creates or modify a shape to display a string
dtk_create_triangle Create and modify triangle shape
dtk_create_window Create and destroy a window
dtk_destroy_font alias for dtk_load_font
dtk_destroy_shape Destroy a shape
dtk_destroy_texture Free a texture
dtk_difftime_ms alias for dtk_difftime_s
dtk_difftime_ns alias for dtk_difftime_s
dtk_difftime_s timestamp difference
dtk_difftime_us alias for dtk_difftime_s
dtk_draw_shape Draw a shape in the window
dtk_get_color provides predefined set of colors
dtk_gettime high resolution timestamp
dtk_load_font Load an font
dtk_load_image Load an image file as a texture
dtk_load_video_file Load an video file as a texture
dtk_load_video_gst Load the sink of gstreamer pipeline as a texture
dtk_load_video_tcp Load an video stream via TCP connection as a texture
dtk_load_video_test Load an test video as a texture
dtk_load_video_udp Load an video stream via UDP connection as a texture
dtk_make_current_window Make a window the target of the next draws
dtk_move_shape shape displacement
dtk_nanosleep high-resolution sleep
dtk_process_events Events processing
dtk_relmove_shape alias for dtk_move_shape
dtk_relrotate_shape alias for dtk_move_shape
dtk_rotate_shape alias for dtk_move_shape
dtk_set_event_handler alias for dtk_process_events
dtk_setcolor_shape Set the color of a shape
dtk_texture_getsize Return texture size in pixel
dtk_update_screen screen buffer manipulation
dtk_video_exec Start/stop/pause a video texture
dtk_video_getstate returns the current state of a video texture
dtk_window_getsize Return window size in pixel