Package dracut

Initramfs generator using udev

dracut contains tools to create a bootable initramfs for 2.6 Linux kernels.
Unlike existing implementations, dracut does hard-code as little as possible
into the initramfs. dracut contains various modules which are driven by the
event-based udev. Having root on MD, DM, LVM2, LUKS is supported as well as
NFS, iSCSI, NBD, FCoE with the dracut-network package.

General Commands
Command Description
lsinitrd tool to show the contents of an initramfs image
File Formats
File Description
dracut.conf configuration file(s) for dracut
Name Description
dracut.bootup boot ordering in the initramfs
dracut.cmdline dracut kernel command line options
dracut.modules dracut modules
System Administration
Command Description
dracut low-level tool for generating an initramfs/initrd image
dracut-cmdline.service runs the dracut hooks to parse the kernel command line
dracut-initqueue.service runs the dracut main loop to find the real root
dracut-mount.service runs the dracut hooks after /sysroot is mounted
dracut-pre-mount.service runs the dracut hooks before /sysroot is mounted
dracut-pre-pivot.service runs the dracut hooks before switching root
dracut-pre-trigger.service runs the dracut hooks before udevd is triggered
dracut-pre-udev.service runs the dracut hooks before udevd is started
dracut-shutdown.service unpack the initramfs to /run/initramfs
mkinitrd is a compat wrapper, which calls dracut to generate an initramfs