Package dput-ng

Next generation Debian package upload tool

dput-ng is a Debian package upload tool which provides an easy to use
interface to Debian (like) package archive hosting facilities. It allows
anyone who works with Debian packages to upload their work to a remote
service, including Debian's ftp-master,, Launchpad or other
package hosting facilities for Debian package maintainers.

dput-ng features many enhancements over dput, such as more comprehensive
checks, an easy to use plugin system, and code designed to handle the numerous
archives that any Debian package hacker will interact with.

dput-ng aims to be backwards compatible with dput in command-line flags,
configuration files, and expected behavior.

General Commands
Command Description
dcut Debian archive command file upload tool
dirt dput information retrieval tool
dput Debian package upload tool
File Formats
File Description
dput configuration file format for dput-ng Debian package upload tool configuration file