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Package dpkg-dev

Debian package development tools


This package provides the development tools (including dpkg-source)
required to unpack, build and upload Debian source packages.
Most Debian source packages will require additional tools to build;
for example, most packages need make and the C compiler gcc.

Version: 1.22.6

See also: dpkg, dpkg-perl.

General Commands

dpkg-architecture set and determine the architecture for package building
dpkg-buildapi returns the build API level to use during package build
dpkg-buildflags returns build flags to use during package build
dpkg-buildpackage build binary or source packages from sources
dpkg-buildtree helper for build tree operations during package builds
dpkg-checkbuilddeps check build dependencies and conflicts
dpkg-distaddfile add entries to debian/files
dpkg-genbuildinfo generate Debian .buildinfo files
dpkg-genchanges generate Debian .changes files
dpkg-gencontrol generate Debian control files
dpkg-gensymbols generate symbols files (shared library dependency information)
dpkg-mergechangelogs 3-way merge of debian/changelog files
dpkg-name rename Debian packages to full package names
dpkg-parsechangelog parse Debian changelog files
dpkg-scanpackages create Packages index files
dpkg-scansources create Sources index files
dpkg-shlibdeps generate shared library substvar dependencies
dpkg-source Debian source package (.dsc) manipulation tool
dpkg-vendor queries information about distribution vendors

File Formats

deb Debian binary package format
deb-buildinfo Debian build information file format
deb-changelog dpkg source packages' changelog file format
deb-changes Debian upload changes control file format
deb-conffiles package conffiles
deb-control Debian binary package control file format
deb-extra-override Debian archive extra override file
deb-md5sums package MD5 file digests
deb-old old style Debian binary package format
deb-origin Vendor-specific information files
deb-override Debian archive override file
deb-postinst package post-installation maintainer script
deb-postrm package post-removal maintainer script
deb-preinst package pre-installation maintainer script
deb-prerm package pre-removal maintainer script
deb-shlibs Debian shared library information file
deb-split Debian multi-part binary package format
deb-src-control Debian source package template control file format
deb-src-files Debian distribute files format
deb-src-rules Debian source package rules file
deb-src-symbols Debian's extended shared library template file
deb-substvars Debian source substitution variables
deb-symbols Debian's extended shared library information file
deb-triggers package triggers
deb822 Debian RFC822 control data format
dsc Debian source package control file format


deb-version Debian package version number format
dpkg-build-api source package dpkg build API level