Package dotnet-host

.NET command line launcher

The .NET host is a command line program that runs a standalone
.NET application or launches the SDK.

.NET is a fast, lightweight and modular platform for creating
cross platform applications that work on Linux, Mac and Windows.

It particularly focuses on creating console applications, web
applications and micro-services.

Version: 6.0.0

General Commands

dotnet A tool for managing .NET source code and binaries.
dotnet-add-package Adds a package reference to a project file.
dotnet-add-reference Adds project-to-project (P2P) references.
dotnet-build Builds a project and all of its dependencies.
dotnet-build-server Interacts with servers started by a build.
dotnet-clean Cleans the output of a project.
dotnet-help Shows more detailed documentation online for the specified command.
dotnet-install-script Script used to install the .NET Core CLI tools and the shared runtime.
dotnet-list-package Lists the package references for a project or solution.
dotnet-list-reference Lists project-to-project references.
dotnet-migrate Migrates a Preview 2 .NET Core project to a .NET Core SDK-style project.
dotnet-msbuild Builds a project and all of its dependencies.
dotnet-new Creates a new project, configuration file, or solution based on the specified template.
dotnet-nuget-delete Deletes or unlists a package from the server.
dotnet-nuget-locals Clears or lists local NuGet resources.
dotnet-nuget-push Pushes a package to the server and publishes it.
dotnet-pack Packs the code into a NuGet package.
dotnet-publish Packs the application and its dependencies into a folder for deployment to a hosting system.
dotnet-remove-package Removes package reference from a project file.
dotnet-remove-reference Removes project-to-project references.
dotnet-restore Restores the dependencies and tools of a project.
dotnet-run Runs source code without any explicit compile or launch commands.
dotnet-sln Modifies a .NET Core solution file.
dotnet-store Stores the specified assemblies in the runtime package store.
dotnet-test .NET test driver used to execute unit tests.
dotnet-tool-install Installs the specified .NET Core Global Tool on your machine.
dotnet-tool-list Lists all .NET Core Global Tools currently installed in the default directory on your machine or in the specified path.
dotnet-tool-uninstall Uninstalls the specified .NET Core Global Tool from your machine.
dotnet-tool-update Updates the specified .NET Core Global Tool on your machine.
dotnet-vstest Runs tests from the specified files.