Package dose3-tools

Tools suite from the dose3 framework

Dose3 is a framework made of several OCaml libraries for managing
distribution packages and their dependencies.

This package contains the tools shipped with the dose3 framework
for manipulating packages of various formats.

General Commands
Command Description
apt-cudf CUDF solver integration for APT
ceve parse package metadata
challenged detect broken packages due to obsolete dependencies
deb-buildcheck Check if a package can be built on a Debian system
debcoinstall calculate a coinstallation set of a given set of Debian binary packages
distcheck check installability of packages according to metadata
outdated detect uninstallable packages due to obsolete dependencies
smallworld compute detailed statistic about the dependency graph
strongdeps indentify the strong dependency of a set of packages
File Formats
File Description
apt-cudf.conf Configuration file for apt-cudf
System Administration
Command Description
apt-cudf-get wrapper for calling apt-get with external solvers