Package dogtag-pki-tps

Dogtag PKI TPS Package

Dogtag PKI Token Processing System (TPS) is an optional subsystem that acts
as a Registration Authority (RA) for authenticating and processing
enrollment requests, PIN reset requests, and formatting requests from
the Enterprise Security Client (ESC).

TPS is designed to communicate with tokens that conform to
Global Platform's Open Platform Specification.

TPS communicates over SSL with various PKI backend subsystems (including
the Certificate Authority (CA), the Key Recovery Authority (KRA), and the
Token Key Service (TKS)) to fulfill the user's requests.

TPS also interacts with the token database, an LDAP server that stores
information about individual tokens.

Version: 11.2.0

File Formats

pki-tps-connector PKI TPS Connector Configuration
pki-tps-profile PKI TPS Profile Configuration