Package dnssec-tools-libs-devel

C-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools

C-based libraries useful for developing dnssec aware tools.

General Commands
Command Description
dt-danechk validate TLSA records against SSL certificates.
Library Functions
Library Function Description
dnsval.conf Configuration policy for the DNSSEC validator library libval(3)
libsres send queries and receive responses from a DNS name server.
libval manage validator context
libval_async submits a request for asynchronous processing of DNS queries.
val_getaddrinfo get DNSSEC-validated network address and service translation
val_getdaneinfo Perform synchronous validation of TLSA records
val_gethostbyname get DNSSEC-validated network host entry
val_get_rrset get DNSSEC-validated resource record information
val_res_query DNSSEC-validated resolution of DNS queries