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Package dnf5-plugins

Plugins for dnf5


Core DNF5 plugins that enhance dnf5 with builddep, changelog,
config-manager, copr, and repoclosure commands.


See also: dnf5, dnf5-plugin-automatic.

System Administration

dnf-builddep alias for dnf5-builddep
dnf-changelog alias for dnf5-changelog
dnf-config-manager alias for dnf5-config-manager
dnf-copr alias for dnf5-copr
dnf-needs-restarting alias for dnf5-needs-restarting
dnf-repoclosure alias for dnf5-repoclosure
dnf5-builddep Builddep Command
dnf5-changelog Changelog Command
dnf5-config-manager Config-manager Command
dnf5-copr Copr Command
dnf5-needs-restarting Needs-restarting Command
dnf5-repoclosure Repoclosure Command