Package dnf5

Command-line package manager

DNF5 is a command-line package manager that automates the process of installing,
upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs in a consistent manner.
It supports RPM packages, modulemd modules, and comps groups & environments.

Version: 5.1.17

See also: dnf5-plugin-automatic, dnf5-plugins.

File Formats

dnf5.conf DNF5 Configuration Reference


dnf5-aliases Aliases for command line arguments
dnf5-caching Caching
dnf5-comps Comps Groups And Environments
dnf5-forcearch Forcearch Parameter
dnf5-installroot Installroot Parameter
dnf5-specs Patterns Specification

System Administration

dnf5 DNF5 Package Management Utility
dnf5-advisory Advisory Command
dnf5-autoremove Autoremove Command
dnf5-check Check Command
dnf5-check-upgrade Check-Upgrade Command
dnf5-clean Clean Command
dnf5-distro-sync Distro-Sync Command
dnf5-downgrade Downgrade Command
dnf5-download Download Command
dnf5-environment Environment Command
dnf5-group Group Command
dnf5-info Info Command
dnf5-install Install Command
dnf5-leaves Leaves Command
dnf5-list List Command
dnf5-makecache Makecache Command
dnf5-mark Mark Command
dnf5-module Module Command
dnf5-offline Offline Command
dnf5-provides Provides Command
dnf5-reinstall Reinstall Command
dnf5-remove Remove Command
dnf5-repo Repo Command
dnf5-repoquery Repoquery Command
dnf5-search Search Command
dnf5-swap Swap Command
dnf5-system-upgrade System-Upgrade Command
dnf5-upgrade Upgrade Command
dnf5-versionlock Versionlock Command