Package dnf-utils

Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer

As a Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer, supplies in CLI shims for
debuginfo-install, repograph, package-cleanup, repoclosure, repomanage,
repoquery, reposync, repotrack, repodiff, builddep, config-manager, debug,
download and yum-groups-manager that use new implementations using DNF.

Version: 4.3.1

See also: dnf, dnf-automatic, dnf-data, dnf-plugins-core.

General Commands

needs-restarting needs-restarting looks through running processes and tries to detect those that use files from packages that have been updated after the given process started.
repo-graph repograph is a program that generates a full package dependency list from a repository and outputs it in dot format.
repodiff repodiff is a program which will list differences between two sets of repositories. Note that by default only source packages are compared.
repomanage repomanage prints newest or older packages in a repository specified by <path> for easy piping to xargs or similar programs.
reposync reposync makes local copies of remote repositories. Packages that are already present in the local directory are not downloaded again.
yum-debug-dump redirecting to DNF debug Plugin
yum-debug-restore redirecting to DNF debug Plugin
yum-groups-manager groups-manager plugin is used to create or edit a group metadata file for a repository. This is often much easier than writing/editing the XML by hand.