Package dnf-utils

Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer

As a Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer, supplies in CLI shims for
debuginfo-install, repograph, package-cleanup, repoclosure, repomanage,
repoquery, reposync, repotrack, repodiff, builddep, config-manager, debug
and download that use new implementations using DNF.

See also: dnf, dnf-automatic, dnf-data, dnf-plugins-core.

General Commands
Command Description
debuginfo-install redirecting to DNF debuginfo-install Plugin
dnf-utils classic YUM utilities implemented as CLI shims on top of DNF
needs-restarting redirecting to DNF needs-restarting Plugin
package-cleanup clean up locally installed, duplicate, or orphaned packages.
repo-graph redirecting to DNF repograph Plugin
repoclosure redirecting to DNF repoclosure Plugin
repodiff redirecting to DNF repodiff Plugin
repomanage redirecting to DNF repomanage Plugin
reposync redirecting to DNF reposync Plugin
yum-builddep redirecting to DNF builddep Plugin
yum-config-manager redirecting to DNF config-manager Plugin
yum-debug-dump redirecting to DNF debug Plugin
yum-debug-restore redirecting to DNF debug Plugin
yum-utils classic YUM utilities implemented as CLI shims on top of DNF
yumdownloader redirecting to DNF download Plugin