Package dnf-plugins-extras-common-data

Common data files for Extras Plugins for DNF

Common data files for Extras Plugins.

System Administration (Section 8)
Writes system RPM configuration to a dump file and restore it.
DNF kickstart Plugin Install packages according to Anaconda kickstart file.
leaves lists all the packages installed on your system which are not required as a dependency of another installed package. However two or more packages might...
Automatically copy all downloaded packages to a repository on the local filesystem and generating repo metadata.
Migrates yum's history, group and yumdb data to dnf.
repoclosure is a program that reads package metadata from one or more repositories, checks all dependencies, and displays a list of packages with unresolved...
repograph is a program that generates a full package dependency list from a repository and outputs it in dot format.Options Set what repos should be processed.
repomanage prints newest or oldest packages in specified directory for easy piping to xargs or similar programs.Options Set what packages is displayed. The...
DNF rpmconf Plugin Handles .rpmnew, .rpmsave and .rpmorig after transactions.
See AUTHORS in your Extras DNF Plugins distribution
See AUTHORS in your Extras DNF Plugins distribution
Calls tracer after every successful transaction. It finds running applications which are outdated by transaction's packages.
versionlock is a plugin that takes a set of names / versions for packages and excludes all other versions of those packages. This allows you to protect packages...