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Package dmtcp

Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing


DMTCP is a tool to transparently checkpoint the state of multiple simultaneous
applications, including multi-threaded and distributed applications. It operates
directly on the user binary executable, without any Linux kernel modules or
other kernel modifications.

Among the applications supported by DMTCP are MPI (various implementations),
OpenMP, MATLAB, Python, Perl, R, and many programming languages and shell
scripting languages. DMTCP also supports GNU screen sessions, including
vim/cscope and emacs. With the use of TightVNC, it can also checkpoint and
restart X Window applications. For a multilib (mixture of 32- and 64-bit
processes), see "./configure --enable-multilib".

DMTCP supports the commonly used OFED API for InfiniBand, as well as its
integration with various implementations of MPI, and resource managers (e.g.,

This package contains DMTCP binaries.

Version: 3.0.0

General Commands

dmtcp Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing
dmtcp_command send a command to the DMTCP coordinator remotely.
dmtcp_coordinator coordinates checkpoints among multiple processes.
dmtcp_discover_rm alias for dmtcp
dmtcp_launch launch a process under DMTCP control.
dmtcp_nocheckpoint alias for dmtcp
dmtcp_restart restart processes from given checkpoint images.
dmtcp_rm_loclaunch alias for dmtcp
dmtcp_srun_helper This is a helper program that should not be run by the user.
dmtcp_ssh alias for dmtcp
dmtcp_sshd alias for dmtcp
mtcp_restart alias for dmtcp