Package dmlite-docs

Documentation files for dmlite

This package contains the man pages and HTML documentation for dmlite.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
any.h Opaque handler to pass different types of values to the API.
catalog.h C wrapper for DMLite Catalog API.
checksums.h checksums.h
deprecated Deprecated List
dmlite_aclentry Handles ACL entries.
dmlite_chunk Chunk of data.
dmlite_credentials Security credentials.
dmlite.h C wrapper for DMLite.
dmlite_location Collection of chunks that form a replica.
dmlite_pool Pool data.
dmlite_replica dmlite_replica
dmlite_security_context Security context.
dmlite_security_ent Used to handle user and group information.
dmlite_url Handles URL.
dmlite_xstat dmlite_xstat
inode.h C wrapper for DMLite INode API.
io.h C wrapper for I/O interfaces.
pool.h C wrapper for DMLite Pool API.
utils.h C wrapper for DMLite utils.