Package dmlite-docs

Documentation files for dmlite

This package contains the man pages and HTML documentation for dmlite.

Version: 1.15.2

Library Functions

any.h Opaque handler to pass different types of values to the API.
catalog.h C wrapper for DMLite Catalog API.
checksums.h checksums.h
dmlite.h C wrapper for DMLite.
dmlite_aclentry Handles ACL entries.
dmlite_chunk Chunk of data.
dmlite_credentials Security credentials.
dmlite_location Collection of chunks that form a replica.
dmlite_pool Pool data.
dmlite_replica dmlite_replica
dmlite_security_context Security context.
dmlite_security_ent Used to handle user and group information.
dmlite_url Handles URL.
dmlite_xferinfo Progress markers for file copies. FTS jargon calls these 'FTS performance markers'.
dmlite_xstat dmlite_xstat
inode.h C wrapper for DMLite INode API.
io.h C wrapper for I/O interfaces.
pool.h C wrapper for DMLite Pool API.
utils.h C wrapper for DMLite utils.