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Package dmapd

A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares


The dmapd project provides a GObject-based, Open Source implementation
of DMAP sharing with the following features:

 o Support for both DAAP and DPAP

 o Support for realtime transcoding of media formats not natively
 supported by clients

 o Support for many metadata formats, such as those associated with Ogg
 Vorbis and MP3 (e.g., ID3)

 o Detection of video streams so that clients may play them as video

 o Use of GStreamer to support a wide range of audio and video CODECs

 o Caching of photograph thumbnails to avoid regenerating them each time
 the server restarts

Dmapd runs on Linux and other POSIX operating systems. It has been
used on OpenWrt Linux-based systems with as little as 32MB of memory
to serve music, video and photograph libraries containing thousands of

Version: 0.0.96

General Commands

dmapd A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares